“Holistic interior design is the future. For years, the majority of folks have been obsessed with how a space looks and functions. Or if it looks better than Mrs. Jones's space.  We are pivoting to a time where we want to live in spaces that support us not just from a functional and visually appealing way but to a space that can support our spiritual journey."

                                  -Alyce Wicker, Holistic Design Blog

Designing healthy, high-functioning spaces is a transformative lifestyle trend decades in the making. The Mayo Clinic and the American Society of

Interior Design (ASID) have both dedicated their support, and Deepak Chopra calls this trend, "The next big movement in human well-being."

-Deepak Chopra, Author & Alternative Medicine Advocate

For more on Deepak's thoughts on the subject
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Deborah Rae Cerni

The Creative Force Behind Innergized Designs

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As a pioneer in the well-being design movement, Deborah Rae has earned numerous design service awards. Since 1995, from the U.S. Virgin Islands to California, she has created holistic spaces for business, public and residential settings. Deborah continues to study design, biophilia and the systems and beliefs found worldwide about how to live in harmony with nature. our Deborah is also the author of A Holistic Sense of Home: A Quick Guide to Designing a Better Quality of Life.


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