A Holistic Sense of Home

by Deborah Rae Cerni

Transform your daily experiences and more with the holistic design approach in this book. Many of us who want and actively pursue optimal well-being often overlook the pervasive impact of our home spaces. Whatever your personal style, A Holistic Sense of Home is an inspiring guide to go beyond fragmented, superficial approaches to your design dilemmas.

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"Home is more than a house. It is a sacred location, a place of aspiration and dreams, of learning and habit, of relationships and heart. Home is the geography of our souls."

Diana Butler Bass, Grounded: Finding God in the World; A Spiritual Revolution


"This cool little interior design book emphasizes making your home more livable, rather than just aiming for a showcase house. The author taps into years of design experience and a psychology background to explain how designing for sensory awareness, and for factors of which we are often only subconsciously aware, can noticeably reduce frustrations and improve comfort levels and health at home. Most of these ideas for positive changes are inexpensive and don’t require ripping out walls. So much information – and so well organized. If you’re thinking of remodeling, moving into a new place, or just wanting to make simple and effective improvements to what you already have, this book is a great place to start.”

"I loved this book. It is designed, as the title suggests, to feed your heart & soul.  It is not a tutorial on how to fluff a pillow.  I especially liked the summary tips at the end of each chapter.  Those are great reference points that I can review every now & again to refresh my memory." -Sue P.

"This book is thoughtfully arranged, easy to read through or jump around as needed, and full of ideas & suggestions to make a house a home. Nothing is overlooked: color, lighting, texture, sound, furniture arrangement, symbolism, and spirituality.  It all comes together in this book that I will return to again and again as I renew and redesign a house that I've lived in for over 15 years." -Leah R.

"This guide is by design easy to use for reference. It introduces an interesting approach that will appeal to the millennial who wants to live responsibly and comfortably with less as well as those of us who cherish memories but want to downsize, improve function, and maintain home as a 'sacred location'." -Connie D.


Deborah Rae is a contributing author to the inspirational book 

“How Big Is Your Dream?”