Interested in Working with Us?

An initial consultation is a good way to begin any design project. To make the most of our time together, before the site visit it's recommended that we talk to clarify your specific needs and challenges. In addition to a general introductory initial consultation, you may want to consider a color consultation or a more comprehensive consultation/project depending on the scope of your design needs. Read more below. 

Designing Space with A Holistic Consultant Is All About You

Types of Projects

Projects can address as much or as little as you wish. A written agreement specifies your desired project's scope, timeframe, and budget.


3 popular specialty projects include:

Room to Grow


for families

with children

Greener Pastures

For those who want to move without changing their address

Healing Spaces

Designed for those recovering from or with chronic health issues.

Innergized Consultations

Walls really do talk!

Move on, move in or move up without changing your address.

We offer a variety of ways to help turn your everyday spaces into uplifting resources that work for you on many levels. 

Color Consultation

Whether you are building, redesigning or redecorating, we can help. Color consultations may be for a whole site, or specific rooms or areas. Color changes are fun, fast and powerful, and they affect us on all levels. 

Comprehensive Consultation

Plan on at least 2 hours for the on-site interview and site evaluation. During the consultation, we identify your unique needs and resources then explore options and other resources to best meet your needs. A comprehensive evaluation includes a written report and prioritized recommendations along with followup support.

Other Ways to Work With Us

Retainer Package


Clients often opt for extending our work together at a reduced 'returning client' hourly fee. 

With this option, you decide how much or how little additional professional direction and support you need or want to retain at the reduced fee. This package guarantees time will be available for you as needed. Unused hours are reimbursed if not needed. 


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